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October 4, 2015 / admin

Manspressions w/ Joe Biel, Elly Blue & Meggyn Pomerleau of Microcosm Publishing

This is a man’s world, and if you want to not 51REfkn8TEL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_only function, but thrive in it, you’re gonna need to be able to speak the language.  Now, thanks to our friends at Microcosm Publishing, help has arrived. Manspressions: Decoding Men’s Behavior, written by Microcosm founder Joe Biel and principal partner Elly Blue and illustrated by Microcosm designer Meggyn Pomerleau, is a guidebook designed to assist readers through the confusing and often dangerous modern worlds of dating, the workplace, emotions and everyday conversation. With entries such as “mancouragement”, “manpire”, “manfatuation”, “manstake”, “manopolize”, and “manarchy”, Manspressions provides with the tools you need to communication on his level.

We talked with Joe and Elly about and why they felt this book was necessary, and with Meggyn about how her accompanying illustrations were inspired by real-life douchebags, then at a certain point, Jason’s self-discovery about his role in the patriarchy gets a little too real. Untitled

We also talk with Meggyn about the 21st Century male mating call that she experiences everyday. #yikes

To pick up Manspressions and to check out more of the Microcosm catalog, visit their website here. And you also can follow the crew on Twitter: @microcosmmm, Joe  @joebiel_, Elly @ellyblue and Meggyn @Leg0Tron.

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