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October 23, 2015 / admin

Free! Mason Jar returns with Operation: Honeypot!

10100197_300x300The funk/soul duo Free! Mason Jar’s latest album¬†Operation: Honeypot is all about the power of information, menace of disinformation and the threat of social apathy in the internet age. Pretty heady messages wrapped in the smooth-ass package of buttery vocals of lyricist Jabulani Leffall and shamanistic guitar work of musician Benjamin Evans.

We were so pleased to be joined once again by Jabulani and for the first time by Ben to talk about how they first integrated their individual skill sets to form F!MJ, what inspiration they drew from the evils of commercialism and the drug war and what the future might look like if their message audience truly penetrated the hearts and minds of their audience.

12122403_869954573095534_6412983779769809107_nWe also talked with Jabulani and Ben about how a couple of new additions are helping them take their live show to a whole new level.

You can check out Free! Mason Jar performing live Sunday, October 25th at the Ash St. Saloon, and you can pick up Operation: Honeypot, as well as their previous album While Supplies Last, on iTunes, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

And follow them on Twitter @Free_Mason_Jar and on Instagram @fmjar.

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