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October 25, 2015 / admin

Author/Musician Bob Suren

Bob Suren’s lifelong love ofbobsuren punk rock music has provided with him a lot of memorable moments. He’s forged relationships with bands such as MDC, The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Seven Seconds and more, he’s entertained throngs of people by playing in  many different bands on many different stages and proselytized about punk rock all over the world. But it’s caused him to sacrifice a great deal as well.

That, in part, is what inspired his memoir Cratedigger: An Obsession with Punk Records, which chronicles his 30-year journey through the world of punk rock as a fan, musician, record store owner, record distributor, label owner, writer and historian.

Bob joined us to talk about what initially appealed to him about punk rock, how his passion got the better of him and what punk rock music fans can do to better protect themselves, physically and otherwise.

Bob also shared with us the most punk rock thing he’s ever done. It’s pretty damn epic.

You can hear Bob read hqdefault2excerpts from Cratedigger on Sunday, Oct 25th in Portland at Blackwater (835 NE Broadway) at 9pm. You can check out the rest of the dates of his book tour here.

And follow Bob on Twitter @bobsuren and on Instagram @bobsurenwriter.

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