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October 4, 2015 / admin

Artist Ibrahim Moustafa & comedian Nawwal Moustafa

NawwalSiblings Ibrahim & Nawwal Moustafa may have discovered their creative  passions at different times in their lives, but both have risen from humble beginnings to achieve great things in their chosen fields.

Ibrahim is an amazingly talented comic book artist, who may be best known for the Eisner nominated graphic novel High Crimes, written Christopher Sebela. He’s also worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, and BOOM! Studios, and been a character designer for the animated shows Axe Cop, Major Lazer, and Golan The Insatiable.

Nawwal is an amazingly talented improviser who performs regularly at Portland’s Curious Comedy Theater with the groups Lady Parts, Fit to Print, and Black by Popular Demand. She’s appeared in the New Orleans Comedic Arts Festival, The Del Close Marathon in New York City, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival.

Moustafa_I_BioPic-216x281This was an opportunity not only for us to learn more about their artistic journey, but for Ibrahim and Nawwal to learn more about each other’s, so we split this episode into two parts:

In Part 1, Nawwal co-hosted with us as we spoke to Ibrahim about how his drive to become a comic book artist started as a child, what it cost him along the way and what becoming an Eisner nominee for High Crimes meant to him professionally and personally. We also talk with Ibrahim about why he thinks differently about Superman IV than nearly every other person on the planet Earth.

In Part 2, Ibrahim co-hosted with us as we talked with Nawwal about how improv comedy helped her find her identity, why diversity in improv is so important and how a debilitating spinal injury wasn’t ever going to prevent her from performing comedy.

And Jason repeatedly screws up e’rybody’s names!

You can see Ibrahim at the release party for his latest comic Godzilla In Hell #4 at Bridge City Comics on Friday, Oct. 16th and at the Jet City Comic Con in Tacoma, WA on Oct. 31st – Nov. 1st.

Nawwal will be performing in the Vancouver International Improv Festival on Oct. 7 – Oct. 11.

superman1_colotAnd to find out more about Ibrahim and his art, check out his website and follow him on Twitter @Ibrahim_. For more on Nawwal on her comedy, you can follow her on Instagram and on Twitter @NawwalMoustafa.

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