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September 15, 2015 / admin

Comedian Jamie Boyd

jamieIf you’re afraid of pursuing your artistic ambitions, maybe all you need is a little push. Look at Jamie Boyd; someone believed in her talent enough to push her onto the stand-up comedy stage. Now she’s left several other possible destinies in life’s rear view mirror, and is pushing herself to be the best comedian she can be.

Jamie joined us to talk about her early life growing up on a Native American reservation, why the props she wanted to use during her very first stand up set became very problematic and how her attempt to get revenge on ex-boyfriend ended up hurting her a heckuva lot more than it hurt him.

Jamie also shared with us why, in the long run, she’s going to be better off being known as a consistent headliner much more than becoming truly famous.

For more on Jamie and her comedy and to find out her upcoming dates, check out her Facebook page.

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