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May 27, 2014 / admin

Artist Donna Barr

barrWe thought we understood going into this episode the reasons why writer/artist Donna Barr’s career in comics has lasted for nearly 30 years: her distinctive drawing style, her wholly original story concepts, her legion of loyal fans… But we wanted to hear it from her.

Donna is creator of the long-running series The Desert Peach, which chronicles the adventures Pfirsich Rommel, the fictional gay younger brother of Erwin “the Desert Fox” Rommel and Stinz, the taleof a society of centaur-like people in pre-industrial Germany (kind of). Her other works include Afterdead, Hader and the Colonel and Bosom Enemies.

Donna joined us to talk about why the musical version of The Desert Peach met and exceeded her measure of success, how women have blazed their own trail in the comic industry and why anybody can become an artist or writer if they really want to.

DP 18Donna also shared with us the story of how her entire art collection came to be donated to the San Diego State University’s library… emphasis on entire.

For more on Donna, her work and upcoming appearances, check out her website and follow her on Twitter @donna_barr.

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