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May 27, 2014 / admin

Artist Aron Nels Steinke

AronVery important program note: Cartoonist Aron Nels Steinke would like you to know that he’s a funny guy.

And he’s absolutely right; despite all the talk in this episode of kids’ early exposure to violence, mall shootings, colony collapse disorder and the U.S. government perpetuating war as a solution across the globe, Aron and his autobiographical comic strips Mr. Wolf and Big Plans are hysterical.

Not only is Aron a talented cartoonist (a Xeric grant recipient, in fact) and author of the children’s books The Super Crazy Cat Dance, The Super-Duper Dog Park and The Zoo Box (written by his wife Ariel Cohn), but he’s a teacher as well, and we’re certain he joined us to talk about some stuff that’s not depressing, like his background in animation, the inspiration he literally draws from his classroom and the effectiveness of comics as an educational tool. Unfortunately for him, Karl and Jason don’t play that, but Aron made the best of it, bless his heart.

For more on Aron and his work, check out his tumblr page, where he frequently posts new, and very, very funny Mr. Wolf strips.

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