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May 22, 2012 / admin

Pixar artist Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is an absolute monster. Well, his talent is anyway, and it’s been roaming the countryside of popular entertainment for 20 years now, leaving some amazing artwork its wake for the world to enjoy. Derek has worked as a storyboard artist and creature designer in the film and video game industries for studios such as Rhythm & Hues, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts and he has contributed artwork to such films as Men in Black, The Mummy series, Unbreakable, Star Wars: Episode III and John Carter. As a comic book artist, his art roars off the pages of such titles as Predator, Abe Sapien and Planet of the Apes. Derek is currently a story artist for Pixar Animation Studios and has worked on such films as WALL-E, Cars 2, and their highly-anticipated summer release Brave.

We were lucky enough to have Derek on the show to share his experiences working with the likes of George Lucas, Tim Burton and Andrew Stanton, what influence of Ray Harryhausen, Richard Corben and King Kong had on him as a young man and what happens when good art ends up in bad movies. We also find out why taking a gig setting up chairs at an event can turn out to be a brilliant career move and the three of us acknowledge the loss of a dear friend we never met.

If you want a peek inside the inner workings of Pixar, check your head into this episode and we also highly encourage you to check out Derek’s website, and his blog (See, told ya!)

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