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October 17, 2014 / admin

Author Jemiah Jefferson

“I was writing the stuff that I wanted to see that didn’t exist anywhere else…”

And she hasn’t stopped yet. Jemiah Jefferson is the author of a series of novels sometimes known as the “Vampire Quartet”: Voice of the Blood (the first draft of which was written in 24 hours), Wounds, Fiend, and A Drop of Scarlet. She is also the author of St*rf*ck*ng, a collection of short erotic stories about celebrity obsession, and Mixtape for the Apocalypse, a novel about music, slackerdom and end of the world paranoia. In addition, she has also written for Willamette Week, Just Out, Plazm, 2Grlz Quarterly, and and she currently works in the editorial department at Dark Horse Comics.

Jemiah joined us to talk about her childhood growing up a “mutant” in Denver, how she discovered reading and writing erotica at an early age and how Nick Cave, Bonnie & Clyde and Apocalypse Now have influenced her work.

We also talked with Jemiah about what inspired to her write about vampires, sex and consequences and why she could care less about “vampire rules”.

For more on Jemiah and her work, check out her website and follow her on Twitter @jemiahj.

October 12, 2014 / admin

Eric Scheur & Reba Sparrow of The Mystery Box Show

49-etxl1Behind every sexual experience, there’s a story. If you’re brave enough to share your story with others, or maybe if you just like to listen, The Mystery Box Show just might be for you. The Mystery Box Show is a live, bi-monthly, sex-themed storytelling series that features real people sharing true personal stories about sex and sexuality.

Mystery Box Show founder Eric Scheur and producer Reba Sparrow joined us to talk about how the show came to be, how they help performers shape their experiences into engaging stories and what they think compels people to tell their stories of first times, masturbation, BDSM, incest, Real Girls, threesomes and vomit.

Eric and Reba also share their different ideas about what role music plays in the bedroom.

Guest co-host Raishawn Wickwire of the Black by Popular Demand podcast fills in once again for Jason, who hasn’t had nearly enough sex to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation.

The next Mystery Box Show event is this Saturday, October 11 at 7pm at Mississippi Studios. For more information about the show and to get advance tickets, check out their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @mysteryboxpdx.

You can listen to the Black by Popular Demand podcast on iTunes and follow Raishawn on Twitter @raishawn and @bbpdpodcast.

September 28, 2014 / admin

Karl Show! (starring Nariko, Adam & Anthony)

comicsThis episode is delivered to you once again from the It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time Dept. We knew we wanted to have three of our favorite Portland comedians (Nariko Ott, Adam Pasi and Anthony Lopez) back on the show, but we also knew we’d have no way of controlling them. So, we decided to steal Anthony’s idea of turning on the mics and just letting them talk with little to no input from us.

What followed was a dissection of numerous topics including ebola, the Power Team, Ke$ha, AMSR, Doomsday Preppers, Jurassic Park, Walter Matthau, DC Talk, SWATing and, of course, Jason’s style choices.

Also, things get a bit real for a second when the Bit Police arrive on the scene.

You can see Anthony this weekend performing at Helium Comedy Club with Hari Kondabolu. Also, Anthony will be performing at the season premiere of Late Night Action Monday, Sept. 29th at Mississippi Studios. Follow Anthony on Twitter @anthonylopezpt2.

Adam co-hosts the Funny Humans vs. the Wheel show with David Mascorro at Bar of the Gods, Sundays at 9pm and the open mic at Eugenio’s every other Friday. Follow Adam on Twitter @adampasi.

Nariko will be appearing at the Salt Lake City Comedy Carnivale this weekend and hosting at Harvey’s Comedy Club Oct. 2nd through the 5th. Follow Nariko on Twitter @narikoott.

September 19, 2014 / admin

Art Santana of Ground Kontrol and Chuck Van Pelt of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Star Wars AdWe got the high score in this episode when were joined once again by friend of the show Art Santana of Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade and new friend of the show Chuck Van Pelt of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo to discuss all things video games.

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is an organization dedicated to “creating awareness of, and appreciation for classic video and arcade games through the presentation of events and conventions that celebrate the historic contribution video games have made and continue to make in popular culture”. Their next event will be held Oct. 18th and 19th at the Oregon Convention Center and will feature arcade play, tournaments, guest speakers and panel discussions, cosplay and if you’re looking to buy, sell or trade classic video game wares, there’s no other place you should be.

Parker Bros adWe talked with Art and Chuck about the evolution of the home gaming console from the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation/Xbox era, the pioneers who developed the games we know and love, which games and systems had the most impact on them growing up and whether or not gaming itself creates an addictive personality.

We also discussed gender representation (or lack thereof) in video games, in both the virtual world and the real world.

blip10For more information about the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, check out their website and follow them on Twitter @retrogamingexpo. And there’s always something awesome going on down at Ground Kontrol. To find out what, check out their website and follow them on Twitter as well @groundkontrol.

September 19, 2014 / admin

Writer/Filmmaker David Walker Returns!

David WalkerIn today’s world where things don’t often make sense, it’s nice to know that someone occasionally gets it right. David Walker writing the recently-announced Shaft comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment makes sense, possibly the most sense ever.

David’s resume is stunningly lengthy and includes films he’s directed and written (Damaged Goods, Macked, Hammered, Slaughtered & Shafted, Black Santa’s Revenge and the shorts Blackstar Warrior and The Day They Ran Out of Bullets), the novel Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, as well as the comic book series Number 13, The Supernals Experiment, and The Army of Dr. Moreau. He’s also been the film editor of Portland’s Willamette Week, a film critic for and Shaft01-Cov-A-Cowanpublisher of the magazine and website Bad Azz Mofo, where he’s written numerous articles and essays about race, pop culture and the blaxplotation genre. David’s run on Shaft with artist Bilquis Evely begins in December.

We talked with David about his big score landing the Shaft gig, the influence of Shaft and blaxplotation films on his life and work, why we’re still talking about Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing 25 years later, the disturbing reality of police brutality in America and what the lack of black faces in The Hobbit and The Princess Bride really means.

Also, The Outsiders gets shat on a bunch and David finally figures Jason out (he thinks)!

For more on David and his work, check out the website and you can follow him on Twitter as well @DavidWalker1201. He will also be appearing at the Rose City ComiCon Saturday, Sept. 20th and Sunday, Sept. 21st on a number of panel discussions, and he will be joined by comedian Sean Jordan at the Hollywood Theatre on Monday, Sept. 22 at 7:30pm for the Movies in Black & White screening of Do the Right Thing, with an audience Q&A following. Advance tickets are available here.

September 8, 2014 / admin

2014 NFL Season Preview with Johnny Useldinger and Doug Ramsey

nflThe 2014 NFL season is just underway, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late gain some valuable insight as to what you can expect from the year in football. We were pleased to have longtime San Francisco 49er fan Johnny Useldinger and supercharged San Diego Charger fan Doug Ramsey join us to break down the strengths and weaknesses of each team division by division and give us their Super Bowl picks.

There’s some good old-fashioned Seahawk fan bashing, doubting of RG III and Ben Roethlisberger and the Oakland Raiders are dismissed altogether.

We also discuss the league’s crackdown on illegal hits, their culpability in the matter of CTE and player safety and if/how the game will change 20 years down the road.

Bonus: When Jason drinks during the show, he gets his McCowns confused!

For more insight and opinions from Johnny and Doug, you can follow them on Twitter @dingerfergus and @Drams40. They each tweet about once a year.

September 2, 2014 / admin

Comedians Todd Armstrong and Jason Traeger

“We’re all just friends here. Until you prove otherwise, you’re my friends.”Jason Traeger

It’s with this mindset that Jason Traeger takes the stage to perform at the some of the seemingly endless standup comedy venues in Portland. But Jason’s comedy act, cerebral as it is silly, is merely one facet of his artistic life that he shares with his friends: Jason is also an accomplished musician, painter and photographer.

Fellow comedian Todd Armstrong’s path to the standup stage was somewhat circuitous; the one-time aspiring teacher first intended to use comedy as a way of curing his fear of speaking, but he ended up becoming the “maestro of his own anxiety” by falling in love with the art form and performing non-stop.

Jason and Todd are two of Portland’s most recognizable comedians; Jason being the co-host, with Brandy Feit, of the Comedy & Cocktails show at New Deal Distillery the second Friday of every month and Todd being the host of Permanent Comedy, a monthly webseries which combines a standup show and interviews with comedians as they receive a new tattoo.

Todd 1We had an intimate and far-reaching conversation with Jason and Todd about their different approaches to comedy, the idea of Portland as a blue-collar town, addiction, depression and psychedelic drugs.

For more on their comedy and upcoming appearances, check out Todd’s website and Jason’s Tumblr page and follow them on Twitter @armTODDstrong and @jasontraeger.

August 15, 2014 / admin

Artist Devon Devereaux

The only Devonhorrifying thing about this episode is how short it was… we could have talked with Devon Devereaux for days!

Devon is the co-creator of the “not for children” children’s book The Littlest Bitch, written by David Quinn and Michael Davis, published by Sellers Books. Devon is also the driving force behind Tales of Hot Rod Horror, the auto-themed horror anthology featuring stories from creators such as Rick Geary, David Quinn and Adam Gallardo. And his list of clients includes Disney, Slave Labor Graphics, Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, and the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. Devon’s latest project is Josh Lobster, written by the late Chris Reilly, which is a tale of mystery, suspense and marine life featuring a crustacean-limbed protagonist who is more than what he seems.

We had a fun conversation with Devon about the influence of the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King on his work, what appeals to him about the art of hot rod car culture and how the new generation of horror filmmakers succeeds/fails.

JoshWe also discuss Devon’s Kickstarter campaign for Josh Lobster, which is now in its final days, and what it is about crowd-source funding that works for him.

To help put Devon’s Josh Lobster Kickstarter campaign over the top, check it out here.

And for more on Devon’s work, check out his website and follow him on Twitter @devondevereaux.

August 8, 2014 / admin

Comedian Andie Main and cartoonist Carolyn Main of Picture This!

Sisters are indeed doin’ it for themselves… and nobodyAndie-Main does it quite like sisters Andie and Carolyn Main. These two loveable weirdos have been standing on their own two feet and ringing on their own bells for a while now: Andie in the world of stand-up comedy (performing with such national headliners as T.J. Miller, David Huntsberger and Jackie Kashian and appearing in such festivals as All Jane, No Dick) and Carolyn in the world of comics and illustration (creating the web comic strip Sex Wizards and the Nintendo-themed joke book, the 8 Bit Groan Zone). Together, they’ll be performing every second Friday in the comedy show Picture This!, which pairs a comedian with an artist who draws their punchlines live on stage.

Andie joined us to talk about why she didn’t care about school, why she was determined not to let her rare spinal condition keep her down and how punk rock influenced her comedy.

carolWe also talked with Carolyn about how drawing in front of a live audience keeps her on her toes and she reminded us what extremes she’ll go to defend Billy Joel.

The next Picture This! show is Friday August 8th at 10pm at the Curious Comedy Theater, and will feature Andie and Carolyn, along with artists Shane Hosea, Ryan Tanner-Alexander and Hutch Harris from The Thermals and comedians Barbara Holm, Dylan Reiff, Curtis Cook, Joann Schinderle and Amy Miller. Toilet Face will not be there. You can get tickets here.

For more on Andie and Carolyn’s work, check out Andie’s tumblr and Carolyn’s website, and you also follow them on Twitter @andiemain and @carolynmain.

August 6, 2014 / admin

Episode 100 – Funemployment Radio Network Family Game Night

Karl Jason Show-0242


Well, folks… this episode is delivered to you straight from the It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time Dept. When we were thinking of unique ways to celebrate our 100th episode, we thought “why not bring on all the hosts of our brother and sister shows on the Funemployment Radio Network and pit them against one another in a trivia battle royale where one champion would be crowned?” This episode is why not.

The guests were divided into teams:

Team Whores of Water Deep

Team You Have to Listen to the Episode to Find Out What Their Name Was

  • Karl Jason Show-0177


    Mikey Nielsen co-host of Chronicles of the Nerds,
    Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:30am @chroniclesofthe

  • Dan Clark Pirate and co-host of Geek in the City @pdxyar
  • Comedian Adam Pasi not on the network, but we were glad to have him @adampasi
  • Denise Espinoza aka Beanerita, host of the Drunk Game of Thrones podcast, which you can listen to here. @beanerita

And we were also joined by our first ever guest artist/photographer Thomas Malcolm Cook of Phototainment, who was kind enough to document the event (@phototainment).

Karl Jason Show-0266


What was meant to be a fun night of friendly trivia competition on the subjects of sports, movies, nerd & pop culture and the Funemployment Radio Network itself almost instantly devolved into a morass of chest-thumping, yelling, swearing, scoring controversies, race-baiting, insults and binge drinking. Through it all, one FER Network star outshone the rest and literally took home the blue ribbon.

It was a nerve-wracking, embarrassing, brain-scalding evening… and we hope we have another opportunity to do it again soon.

For the full schedule of Funemployment Radio Network shows, check out the FER website and find out how you can subscribe and support great podcasting.

Thank you to all of the FER Network hosts for joining us, thank you to all of our past guests over the years for 100 great episodes and THANK YOU especially to all of our great listeners!

P.S. – If you’re a sex worker, you have absolutely nothing to fear from Jason, despite what you hear ad nauseam from our disrespectful guests in this episode.


August 3, 2014 / admin

Comedians Adam Pasi and Nariko Ott

The spirit of competition was alive and wellAdam Pasi in the studio on this episode, which was probably our second best episode ever! Fresh off of his second-place finish in Helium Comedy Club’s Funniest Person in Portland contest, Adam Pasi joined us to talk about his experiences as a contestant and to remind fellow comedian Nariko Ott that he didn’t make the finals (which goes to show comedy competitions are inhereNariko Ottntly ridiculous). Contests aside, Adam and Nariko were without a doubt two of our favorite comedians in town going into the episode, and after joining us even more so.

We talked with Adam and Nariko about the origins of their comedy, what’s great about the Portland comedy scene and the analytical process they go through when developing their material.

Jason also asks Adam and Nariko for advice on how to “man up”… and he will never, ever do that again.

For more on Adam and Nariko’s comedy and to find out where/when you can see them live, follow them on Twitter @adampasi and @narikoott. And check out Nariko’s 4pm Breakfast videos on YouTube.